The Secret for Survival

When all hell breaks loose, what are you going to do to survive? If you are the head of the family, the responsibility is on your back. The first question that would pop up from your mind is, what are the stuff you need to survive. There are real-life saving survival tools that you need… Read more »

Survival Tools You Can’t Live Without

Everyone these days is thinking about emergency preparedness. The very first thing that a person would think to have is a survival kit or survival gear. You must prepare stuff that can provide you power, water, food and shelter. There are people who are facing some issues. They do not have the patience to keep… Read more »

Lost in the Woods: What to do?

What to do when lost in the woods? In this kind of situation, always remember that a little common sense can save your life. If you are about to go camping, you must have a backpack with you. Inside that backpack is a survival kit. That is something that you should never forget.  Many people… Read more »