Survival: Get Some Help

To be able to survive, it is best to be knowledgeable. There are different kinds of tragedies. We have the earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and other natural occurrences. There are things that you can do to be able to surpass the catastrophe. You need to pay attention. Be guided in so many different ways. You may… Read more »

Ask for Help to Survive!

When you are in a very tough situation due to a natural disaster, you must never hesitate to call for help. Fight for your life so do everything to be able to survive. Losing hope is never the answer. If there is someone out there whom you think has the capability to rescue, shout! Do… Read more »

Survival Buddy!

When in need of help due to a catastrophic event, it is best if you have someone with you. Find a survivor. Both of you can be moved by each others situation. You will be motivated to look for further help. To be able to get into this right, you must be open to many… Read more »