Choosing The Right Survival Tools

When out in the market to buy survival tools, always remember. ‘First things first.’ What are these tools and equipment and why will you need to secure them first? First, you will need a survival power. A micro torch is a great example. Second is a portable water filter. When lost in the wilderness, you… Read more »

Key Characteristics of the Best Survival Knife

Are you looking for a survival knife to best purchase in the store? A high quality survival knife is what you must have. What is a high quality survival knife? A high quality survival knife is said to be as the most important piece of survival gear. Anyone can own it.  A survival knife can… Read more »

Survival Knife: Top Survivalist Choices

The best quality of a reliable survival knife is its durability. When in the woods, your knife will be in constant use. Therefore your survival knife should be something that will last for long usage. There are a lot of considerations when looking for a survival knife. Know the qualities that survivalist look for.  Sharpness,… Read more »